This school is for you! To give you inside knowledge on the Real Estate Purchasing and Selling for your own personal enjoyment, fulfillment and accomplishment.  AND SAVING YOU THOUSDANS OF DOLLARS in the PROCESS...

Through education we hope to empower home owners and home sellers who are willing to put in a little work to reap rewards by way of commission savings on their own home sale, and using that large sum of equity to buy a larger home, or invest in other real estate, or go on a vacation. Or spend the extra money how you see fit. After-all, it's your hard earned equity, why not use it wisely. Become FSBO Smart and you too could learn techniques that may be able to save you thousands of dollars on your next home sale.  

 We have courses, products, and coaching on how to do just that, sell your home 100% For Sale By Owner. We devote time on showing you how to market and sales your home online as well as selling the ACTUAL HOUSE yourself and ON-LINE and IN-PERSON. 

Join us today and become FSBO Smart!

Hi, I’m Steve Klein

Welcome and thanks for taking part in your own growth and personal development.

For those of you who may not know me, I'm a serial entrepreneur, business owner, and have had the great fortune of working over 20 years in the high-tech world of internet marketing, website design, and online advertising. 

I also have a passion for Real Estate investing and years ago I learned how to sell my own home, on my own, during a time when our family needed the extra money to purchase a larger home for our growing family needs. We were able to save 100% of the commission fees we would normally spend to a realtor by doing 100% FSBO - For-Sale-By-Owner, and we leveraged the Online Resources and Digital space to make it super easy and quick.

I'm not a real estate agent, but rather, I'm a Real Estate Agent Dropout. My mission in this school is to help as many people as I can, navigate the powerful world of selling your home on your own, empowering you, and potentially saving literally THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in the process.

If you are looking for tips to save money on your real estate agent commission fees, or you want to try 100% FSBO and save 100% of that hard earned equity, and gain 100% of the true value from your home, then you've come to the right place.

Get started now by purchasing a course, and start your journey on becoming FSBO Smart.